How do I rank in Google local SEO (Malaysia)

How do I rank in Google local SEO (Malaysia)

How do I rank in Google local SEO (Malaysia)

Published On - 15/07/2021

Generating revenue is the ultimate goal for all businesses and websites. It can either be done by running ads on the site or causing people to purchase stuff from you. That's where the all-important SEO comes into play as it ensures that your website ranks at the top results, enhancing the chances that people will click on your URL and interact with you. Although Search Engine Optimization sounds like a really good thing, which it actually is, it requires skill and patience to master it! This is why even multinational companies have SEO experts as a part of their marketing team to formulate content strategies and ensure the transformation of leads into customers!

The significance of SEO is so great that without mastering it, you cannot achieve online success. You need to let the search engine work for you before you can expect any great outcome from your website or online presence. Now, generally, there are two types of SEO: local and international.

When talking about local SEO, you essentially transgress the regional perimeters and market yourself to the outside world. As for local SEO, you keep your website and content limited to a specific region. So if you are looking to benefit from SEO in Malaysia, this blog is a perfect read for you!

Today, different businesses require different SEO strategies. What may work for a top-tier tech company may not yield the same results for a start-up. Therefore, SEO is a field that requires constant alterations and changes to see what works the best. Once that's identified, you can go all-in on it and achieve some stellar outcomes!

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In this blog write-up, we will show you how you can rank in Google local SEO.

Stealing your competitors’ keywords is a good practice.

If you are integrating all sorts of keyword phrases in your content and still don't see the outcomes you want, the chances are that you need to take some time for reconsideration. Keywords are the phrases that people write in their search bars; therefore, doing them the right way is the key!

You can do some research and list the keywords that your competitors use. This will ensure that you don't waste your time working with something that gives zero benefits! Plus, it will put you in direct competition with the rivals, ending your struggles with the inability to share the same grounds as others.

Usually, 2-3 main keywords are enough to yield the benefits you want! You just have to keep your content revolving around those, and it will be good to go!

Make the most of analytics.

Analytics provide monthly reports of your SEO performance. They can help you understand your keywords and posts with greater insight. They can help you know which posts did well, evaluate the keyword you used in those posts and make valid verdicts to optimise your content strategy.

Make sure your site is mobile-friendly

Google adorations for mobile-friendly sites is unmatched! With billions of internet users using smartphones to connect with the world, you cannot compromise on the potential leads and customers. Plus, phones are with one at all times. That means there are greater chances of your interaction with your leads if they use smartphones to access your website.

Having a mobile-friendly website design is essential for an optimal online experience! The elements of your design and aesthetics leave long-lasting impressions with those you connect with. Having a website that is structured around well-sized graphics, text sizes, and visibility equates to a more refined and fruitful user experience.

Similarly, loading times are an equally important part of mobile friendliness. No one in the world has time for one another. Therefore, you need to make the most out of what a user gives you! People get bored and frustrated due to slow loading times. No one really wants to wait an entire minute just for some text to show up! Hence, you need to design your site to work instantly, ensuring everything is just a press or click away.

Write high-quality, long-form content.

You can do all sorts of SEO techniques, and nothing will matter unless your content is gold. Gold content means value! You need to write content that your audience feels is valuable for their knowledge or practical understanding or something. Content that gives zero value, no matter how beautifully written and structured, is worthless!

Therefore, you need to maintain a high level of content creation. Your goal should be to make a user return for more! This will increase the audience retention time, enhancing your website performance. Plus, this will make them spend more time on your website, increasing the chances that they will take the action you want from them!

Internal linking is also essential. Nothing is better than making your audience move from one page to another, as it increases their interaction with you. Therefore, you need to write content so that you can link with other pages on your site.

Google seeks new content. Therefore, you need to stop your practice of putting a single blog in your lifetime. Instead, you should keep updating your content with new and trendy topics so that people don't forget about you. Structuring your content with catchy headlines, captivating titles, and intriguing meta descriptions will help you gain more clicks from search engines.

Optimising the existing content

When it comes to SEO Malaysia, website owners can also optimize their existing content for even better performance. While we always recommend adding new content, altering your existing one will only act as icing on the cake.

You can do more relevant and better-performing keyword phrases, play around with headlines to make them clearer and precise or incorporate graphics and pictures to make it more interactive for your reader.

This is a technique tested and tried to work! No matter what business niche, you should put this as one of your top priorities.

Make your audience feel right at home.

If you want to make your audience interact with you, you need to show that you know about them! This can be done by strategizing your content strategy so that their needs, requirements and concerns are being taken care of. This will portray that you care about those you serve and help magnify your reputation as a consumer-oriented brand.

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