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    Why is Traffic Analysis
    a Big Deal?


    Traffic analysis can reveal a lot about your website’s performance. From comparison with competitors’ websites to evaluating your own marketing strategies and decision making, traffic analysis reports can really help you out. We provide traffic analysis reports for your website along with an evaluation of why or what might not be working for you in terms of traffic generation. Read on to see how we can help.

    Get an Overview

    Worried about whether your website is generating enough traffic yet? We can analyse your website’s traffic generation statistics and shortcomings to help you understand your visitors’ behaviour.

    Study the Audience

    Our traffic analysis includes information on not only your website’s visitors, but also of your competitors’ visitors, and the shared characteristics of these visitors to help you identify your specific audience.

    Identify Traffic Metrics

    Delve deeper into metrics of your web visitors including their geographic areas, their interests, which device they are visiting your web from, and whether they are bouncing away to competitors.

    Traffic Analysis of Your Website

    A lonely website just does not feel right. If you want to know how well your website is doing in terms of traffic generation and sustainability, we can help you in a number of ways.

    See How Your Traffic Drives Through Elements

    Your visitors do not often reach you directly by searching exactly for you in the search engines. In fact, they go through keywords, referrals, social media platforms, or several websites before they land on your page. We identify which spots your main online audience goes through including your competitors’ websites. This can help you plan ad placement and other tactics accordingly to maximize your traffic.

    Traffic Drives
    Traffic Hotspots

    Identify Your Traffic Hotspots in the World

    Based on an analysis of your website’s traffic patterns, we can identify which countries or cities your website is getting the most visitors from, and how those visitors react to your website as well as your competitors’ websites depending on variables including SEO tactics, ad placement, and other important aspects of traffic generation.

    Combined Traffic Analysis Report of Websites

    If you want to compare your websites or want to know an overall performance of your websites in terms of traffic generation, we are here for that. We provide traffic analysis of your websites in bulk so that you have all the information on your visitors combined at one time.

    Analysis Report

    Get a good insight on what drives traffic and details of how your traffic is driven through multiple platforms. Bthrust analyses your website’s visitors by different factors to help you fill any gaps.

    Why is Traffic Analysis Important?

    Traffic is the number of visitors on your website, and the analysis of traffic refers to the finer details like where traffic is being generated from and visitors’ behavior on your website. It is important because it helps you identify any shortcomings or inefficiencies on your website.

    How Can We Help You?

    We provide detailed traffic analysis reports for your website(s) and encourage informed decision-making.

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