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Why Choose Our SEO Services?

Bthrust is a leading SEO company in Malaysia, with deep expertise nationwide. Our SEO Strategy covers a wide range of services, including technical SEO, local SEO, link building, and On-page and off-page SEO that helps in making your brand discoverable on Google. By choosing us for your SEO requirements, you’ll be working with a dedicated team of SEO experts.

As the best SEO company in Malaysia, we are committed to outperforming expectations and bringing about long-term success for our clients. We prioritize your success and work diligently to ensure that your investment in our SEO services results in significant returns.

Choosing BThrust as your SEO agency opens the door to the transformative impact of our state-of-the-art SEO strategies. Our search engine optimization services are designed to boost your online presence, brand awareness, sales, and leads, surpass your competitors, and secure the success of your business.


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Why Businesses Should Choose SEO Services ?

Increased Website Traffic

SEO makes your company website visible on search engine results pages (SERPs) that increase organic traffic. When you optimize relevant keywords carefully, you can attract customers who are looking for your goods or services. This will increase the conversion rates and strengthen your online presence.

Improved Visibility and Brand Awareness

SEO increases visibility, which will enhance your brand awareness and recognition. When you optimize the website content and structure, it will rank your website at the top of the search engine. This will help you reach a larger audience and build your effective brand presence.

Improved User Experience

SEO includes several aspects of your website, like speed, mobile friendliness, and user experience. When you improve these factors, it will increase customer satisfaction, which enhances conversion rates and engagement.

Cost-Effective Marketing

SEO offers a higher ROI as compared to traditional types of advertising like TV or print commercials. It reduces recurring advertising costs by focusing on customers who are interested in your products or services.

Long-Term Results

SEO takes time to deliver results, but it provides long-term results. When your paid advertising disappears, SEO still continues to drive traffic to your website. Your site can still draw traffic even with less optimisation, so it's a long-term investment in visibility and interaction.

Competitive Advantage

Businesses understand the importance of creating an online presence in the digital age. You can surpass competitors who ignore optimising their websites by investing strategically in SEO. This puts you in a better position to capture more market share.

Here are Some of our Unique Service Points.

Our Best SEO Malaysia Strategy for Starter and Established Business

For Starter Business
  • Keyword Research: We give priority to relevant keywords with lower competition. Focus on long-tail keywords that have specific intent to get higher conversion rate.
  • Local SEO: We optimize your website for local keywords a specific geographic location, create a Google My Business listing, and ensure consistent business information online.
  • Content: We provide high-quality content that is both user- and search engine-friendly. It will draw organic traffic and improve your website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • Backlinks: Our SEO Specialists put our efforts toward obtaining high-quality backlinks from reliable sources.
  • We make sure that your website is search engine friendly. We optimize title tags, meta descriptions, headers, and URL structures with targeted keywords, responsive design, fast loading times, easy navigation etc.
For Established Business
  • Keyword Research: Expand your keyword targeting to include more competitive and high-volume keywords by utilizing keyword research tools and analytics data.
  • International SEO: We help established organisations expand to other countries with our international SEO services.
  • Content: We examine your present content and make any necessary adjustments to optimise it for search engines. Put your energy into producing thorough, reliable content that speaks to consumer needs and adds value.
  • Backlinks: Leverage your industry reputation to secure guest posting opportunities from authority and popular sites.
  • Apart from basic on page optimization, we track your SEO performance on a regular basis using analytics tools. Keep tabs on indicators such as conversion rates, organic traffic, and keyword rankings.

Bthrust Malaysia Packages


For Startups


RM 1500/mo

Pro Includes

Some great features:

  • 15 Keywords Optimized
  • 8 Keywords in Top 10 Ranking Guarantee in 12 Months
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Keyword Research and Web Analysis
  • 03 Competitor Analysis
  • Website Structure Optimization
  • Content Optimization – Implementation of H1-H4 & Bold tags to Content
  • 15 Web 2.0 link creation
  • 3 Free Blog Creation
  • 10 Profile Page Creation


For Businesses

Premium Green

RM 1800/mo

Premium Includes

Some great features:

  • 20 Keywords Optimized
  • 12 Keywords in Top 10 Ranking Guarantee in 12 Months
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Keyword Research and Web Analysis
  • 6 Competitor Analysis
  • Website Structure Optimization
  • Content Optimization – Implementation of H1-H4 & Bold tags to Content
  • 20 Web 2.0 link creation
  • 5 Free Blog Creation
  • 15 Profile Page Creation


For Large Corporates

Enterprise Blue

RM 2300/mo

Enterprise Includes

Some great features:

  • 30 Keywords Optimized
  • 18 Keywords in Top 10 Ranking Guarantee in 12 Months
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Keyword Research and Web Analysis
  • 10 Competitor Analysis
  • Website Structure Optimization
  • Content Optimization – Implementation of H1-H4 & Bold tags to Content
  • 25 Web 2.0 link creation
  • 8 Free Blog Creation
  • 20 Profile Page Creation

*The prices will vary for different industry and keywords

Let the Results Speak for
Our Professionalism


Sze May Ha
I am delighted to provide a glowing review for Skelly and her team for their exceptional work in helping our company achieve a successful SEO strategy. Skelly's team demonstrated an in-depth understanding of our business needs, industry trends, and target audience, which enabled them to create a customized SEO plan that delivered impressive results. From the initial consultation to the final delivery, Skelly and her team provided clear communication, transparency, and professionalism. They were always available to answer our questions, provide insights and recommendations, and update us on the progress of our SEO campaign. Skelly's team took a collaborative approach, ensuring that we were fully involved in the process and that our input was taken into account at every step. The results speak for themselves: our website's organic traffic has increased significantly, and we have seen a notable improvement in our search engine rankings. We have also received positive feedback from our clients on the user-friendliness and accessibility of our website. Overall, I highly recommend Skelly and her team for anyone looking to enhance their SEO strategy. Their expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering excellent results make them a top choice for any company seeking to optimize their online presence. Thank you, Skelly and team, for your outstanding work!
Onitek Sdn Bhd
Good service. Skelley very friendly person. Solve any problem. Thanksss
mash supremacy
Amazing team and services provided for my business and other related stakeholders. I personally worked with Skelly on my portfolios and she was outstanding in handling the needed tasks and able to meet business outcomes. I highly recommend them
Kursus Pengendali Makanan SLPM BBE
The team from BTHRUST is very professional and knowledgeable. We from team SLPM Bersih Berseri are glad that we've made the right choice to appoint them for our Google SEO service. They are very expert and helpful to solve our questions especially to Mr. Johnson! . Thank you so much to the team and keep up the good works! Highly recommended!
Elson Chee
Most SEO keywords are ranked on 1st or 2nd page within the projected timeline. Skelley is professional and very patient in explaining every aspect in details.
Keith Loo
Best SEO service in Malaysia, amazing results seen within one year. Customer service was excellent, especially from Skelley, she was very friendly, she helped me with every problem that I had and always double checking with me on the content posted. Very punctual with the monthly reports as well! Would recommend if you are looking for SEO services for your company or business :)
Calvin Oon
Thank you Bthrust for the awesome result to help me to rank the most competitive packaging keyword to the 1st page just within 1 month time. And specially thanks to Skelley for giving me such a good services in explaining the whole process of SEO.
Tory Yew
Very responsive service, and very good results for SEO in just 3 months time.. Thank you BThrust!

Our SEO Service Areas in Malaysia

Skyrocket your online presence with Bthrust SEO services. Dominate the search rankings and boost your business!


Keyword Research

We identify the most valuable and right keywords that support your company’s objectives. We make sure your content is optimised to attract the right audience, generating targeted traffic and maximising conversions by analysing search volume and competition.


Site Audit

We perform site audits to thoroughly analyse your website’s performance and identify areas for improvement and optimisation. We use cutting-edge tools and expertise to identify problems that affect user experience and general site health, allowing us to provide practical solutions for improved online presence.


Content Marketing

We understand the importance of captivating content. Our SEO Agency expertise is in developing content that resonates with your target audience. With the help of our experience, we ensure that your content is impactful, informative, and generates results, enabling you to stand out and accomplish your business goals.


Local SEO

We specialise in local SEO, ensuring your company stands out in local search results. We improve your online visibility in your targeted geographical area using strategic optimisation techniques. We generate qualified leads, accelerate your company’s growth, and bring in local customers actively looking for your products or services.


Link Building

As the leading SEO company in Malaysia, we develop high-quality backlinks that increase the authority and visibility of your website through strategic partnerships and outreach initiatives. We aim to build a solid online presence, attract relevant traffic, and improve your rankings and business success.


Reporting & Analysis

Our company’s operations are based on reporting and analysis. We use thorough data analysis tools like Google analytics and techniques to find insightful information that helps us make informed decisions and drive growth through trending SEO strategies. Our focus on accurate reporting ensures transparency and facilitates strategic planning for the best outcomes.

Why is SEO Important in Malaysia in 2024?

SEO in Malaysia is important since it boosts online presence and increases website visibility in search engine results. SEO assists businesses in reaching their target audience, enhancing brand credibility, and achieving higher conversion rates, all of which contribute to growth and success.

Malaysia has a sizable online population with 28.7 million users.

87 percent of Malaysians regularly use the internet.

Malaysians use the internet for 6.6 hours on average every day.

In Malaysia, 85.5% of internet users search for products and services.

Over 80% of all country search traffic is dominated by the top 10 search results.

Malaysians show a strong inclination towards online information-seeking behavior.

Some Pressing Questions for
SEO Service in Malaysia

SEO means the process of optimizing website content, structure, and technical aspects to improve the visibility and ranking of the website in search engine results pages in Malaysia. This process involves various techniques, such as keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and local SEO, to attract more organic traffic to a website.

There are four types of SEO available in Malaysia on-page, off-page, technical, and local SEO. On-page SEO includes website content optimization, while off-page SEO focuses on building website authority. Technical SEO optimizes the website for technical aspects, and Local SEO targets location-based searches.

On-Page SEO refers to optimizing web content and structure to improve its relevance and visibility for search engine rankings. This involves optimizing page titles, meta descriptions, header tags, and keyword usage to make the website more search engine friendly and provide a better user experience for audiences.

Off-page SEO is the practice of improving website visibility and authority by acquiring backlinks from other reputable websites, social media engagement, and other external strategies. It only focuses on promoting the website and its content to gain more credibility and recognition from search engines and users.

Bthrust provides white hat SEO because it follows ethical and sustainable practices that focus on long-term results and user satisfaction. White hat SEO techniques follow search engine guidelines and policies, ensuring that websites are optimized in a way that benefits both users and search engines. Bthrust understands the importance of building a strong online presence through organic and natural means in Malaysia. So, we only provide White Hat SEO.

We do not provide black hat SEO because it employs manipulative tactics that violate search engine guidelines. However, black hat SEO techniques are highly discouraged as they can result in penalties from search engines, loss of credibility, and even permanent removal from search engine listings.

Basically, the time it takes to show website SEO results varies depending on factors such as competition, industry, website age, and SEO strategies used. It may take 3-6 months to see visible improvements in search engine rankings and traffic, but sometimes it can take up to a year or longer for significant results.

SEO means the process of optimizing website content, structure, and technical aspects to improve the visibility and ranking of the website in search engine results pages in Malaysia. This process involves various techniques, such as keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, Google SEO Malaysia, and local SEO, to attract more organic traffic to a website.

By building a web presence, your business can reach out to the target audience in a more streamlined way. From retail to education, all industries are becoming digital. If you take a look around the market, you’ll realize that your competitors are also focusing on their online reputation and marketing strategies. This is because people search for various businesses, services, and products online on search engines as part of their consumer behaviour. The more visible your business is online, there are more opportunities for customers to find it and connect with you.

Often, small businesses wonder whether their online presence matters as much as it does for the big fish in the industry. The answer is yes. Since digitization is taking over, it is essential to become part of the online race, so you can compete well. Of course, this means that you need to evaluate what your competitors are doing both online and offline to determine if SEO is something very crucial for your business.

It actually depends upon your overarching needs. While we have some fixed costs for the services we provide, the final Malaysia SEO package that we set for the work comes down to your specific requirements and desired results. Our SEO Agency in Malaysia ask certain questions before determining it, such as:

  • How big is the website?
  • How large is the customer base?
  • What is your current rank in the search results?
  • How effective is your current SEO strategy, if you have any?
  • What is the number of keywords that you would like to include?
  • How active is your business online in terms of marketing?
  • What do you expect us to do?
  • In this way, we conduct a hefty discussion with you before sealing the deal. This allows us to ensure transparency in our work while you can rest assured that your investments are worth the results.

There is no particular obligation to sign a contract or agreement. If you think there is a need to do so, you can inform us about it, and we will look into the matter. Regardless, we recommend to our clients that they go through our terms and conditions, together with all the other policies.

It depends on you whether you choose an individual or company to work with. The company has a Best SEO Malaysia team consisting of an SEO strategist, content creator, web developer, and data analyst. The team will collaborate to create and execute an SEO strategy that aligns with your business goals and objectives.

Our SEO packages include English keywords, but we can optimize for Malay and Chinese versions if the client can help with these language content because our SEO Expert Malaysia recognizes how important it is to reach global consumers.

Yes, It is undoubtedly important and Google has already announced HTTPS as a ranking signal.

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