International SEO: Target your Website In Specific Country

International SEO: Target your Website In Specific Country

International SEO: Target your Website In Specific Country

Published On - 14/04/2021

Search Engine Optimization is marked with consistent innovation and novelties. From keyword integration to web page optimization, SEO practices are constantly changing as per the requirements and demands of the algorithms and the business world. Thanks to the importance that International SEO holds for any local or online business, it helps you top the search results, bag essential engagement, and reach out to as many prospects as possible.

Today, SEO might just be the reason your blog is seen by thousands of people, or your business is bagging an unprecedented quantity of sales. While having a local audience is good for your site, making people from different countries click and engage with you is a different feat! No matter if you desire an audience from the US buying your product or the gym freaks from the UK reading your fitness blog, we will help you bring your desired audience to your webpage.

Why is international SEO important?

International SEO refers to a process by which you attain an audience from a different country. It involves optimizing the site in a way it caters to the requirements of the people from the desired nation.

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It is crucial for several reasons. It helps you reach out to the people who are more likely to engage and connect with you, create better sales, improve your ranking and visibility, and identify the loopholes in your website content.

Greater engagement

International SEO lets a business identify its prospects globally and target them. By bringing your site to the eyes of people more likely to connect with you, you can improve valuable metrics such as website engagement and interaction. Once you have done that, you can tailor your content to match those new prospects’ needs and preferences and enhance your visibility.

Create Better sales

A desired target audience means the chances of making a final purchase decision are higher. You can have millions of users clicking on your site every day, but if they don't buy anything for you, such engagement is practically useless. Therefore, international SEO lets you land in quality traffic that will help your business and sales grow.

Identification of loopholes

International SEO also means you are better equipped to fine-tune your site content and experience. Once you have realized what makes you not retain a prospect’s maximum time, you can improve your existing marketing techniques as well as the content. Making user-friendly content is the key!

There are numerous ways to master International SEO, and here are some of those:

Domain Name Extension

The domain name is crucial when targeting a specific international audience. While domains like .com and .org can optimize your site for better overall performance, it massively hampers your dreams to land in the user base from America or the UK alone.

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You may have seen that several bloggers use a country-specific domain and perform excellently when bagging engagement from the users in that nation. You need to do precisely that! Buying a country-specific domain gives an impression that your content is tailored for that particular region alone and so users are more likely to click on your site.

Moreover, it also improves the chances of being shown in the search results. For instance, if you want your audience to be from the UK, you would preferably buy a domain. Similarly, with an audience belonging to Australia, you need to purchase a domain that looks something like If you are struggling to find quality audience retainment, Bthrust MY is a top-notch SEO company in Malaysia that can usher in a bulk audience from your desired country.

Google Search Console Geo-Targeting

Google Search Console gives you the ability to target a specific region or country. It is an excellent option for various website and blog owners to maximize the chances of visibility without unnecessary hassles. It presents you with a list of just about every country you can think of, and in an instance, you will have the magic done.

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When coupled with other SEO techniques, this works wonders in landing more engagement and interaction. It helps the search engine locate your site when a search is made from that particular region, meaning every time someone searches anything relevant to your site, you have the chances of being shown. You will find this option upon logging into the Google Search Console, clicking onto international targeting, and then choosing from the drop-down menu the country you're eyeing for.


Language barriers are real! No matter how valuable or engaging or promotional your content is, if your audience doesn't understand anything about it, there is no point in international targeting.

Therefore, being an adept website owner, you need to translate your website manually, without relying on machine work. This is because machine-based translation is unreliable and can break the entire connotation of the content. When using local language, you can complement it with other culture-based practices such as changing the date and time according to the region. Besides, use the same language when providing your address to ensure that your user feels like he is at the right place.

Web Hosting Server Location

Once you have used a country-based domain and changed your content’s language, you need to ensure that your server location matches the region you want to attain traffic from. For instance, having a server in the UK and a desired audience from the US will only hurt your chances of visibility.

Therefore, it is always the best practice to change your server location to the desired region. This ensures that your user is provided with a better website experience, thanks to the fast loading times, and the search engine finds your page faster. A company like Bthrust MY can quickly help you relocate your server to a different region and ensure that you host your site in the same place as your audience.


Backlinks are the hyperlinks provided by another web page that redirects to your site. It is a proven and significant way to gain an audience and enhance visibility. Having random and global backlinks does little, however, when considering international SEO.

When it comes to International targeting, you must generate region-based and exclusive backlinks. You can do that by guest blogging by having a promotional blog written on a third-party site and leaving your hyperlink. Or else you can do blog commenting and achieve the same results. In both of these practices, you need to ensure that you actively engage your prospect and not just writing pages trying to oversell.

Content Level Targeting

The primary thing Google sees when considering your desired audience is your content. This brings meta descriptions and meta titles to the play. Whenever a user searches for something, the search engine goes through millions of online resources to find the relevant results. Now, if your meta description portrays that you're targeting the US, the search engine will know. You can do that by adding region-based keywords.

Similarly, the language of your content also helps the search engine. Therefore, you need to write in the way the conventions are based on. For instance, if you're targeting the USA, you need to follow US English standards and rules. Search engines are intelligent, right!? We are an SEO agency Malaysia has shown its confidence upon, thanks to our expertise in all the latest SEO practices that can yield quick and rapid outcomes.

Local SEO Using Google my business

If you own an e-Commerce business, you can use Google Business to add all your local information, such as an address and phone number. This will let Google instantly know your target audience and show your results to people from that region.

Moreover, you can use the power of social media platforms to create profiles that provide all the necessary information about your local business and win interest and prospects in a very convenient way.

Submit Website To Local Search Directories and Search Engines

Whenever we consider region-based traffic, submitting your site to the local search engine always seems like a viable option. If a particular region has its own search engine, you should submit your site to them as the chances are, all the local searches are made on that search engine. Therefore, this practice lets you take the opportunity into an advantage and enhance the chances of success.

This can even help you win region-based backlinks, which in turn will be a massive determiner of your SEO success.


Hreflang is an HTML attribute that lets you constrain your site to a particular geographical location. It helps specify the language to the search engine to let it know your targeted region. It can also help you create the same page in multiple languages, meaning you have content for every prospect.

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