Top 10 SEO Techniques to Increase Organic Traffic of 2022

Top 10 SEO Techniques to Increase Organic Traffic of 2022

Top 10 SEO Techniques to Increase Organic Traffic of 2022

Published On - 12/03/2022

SEO is a complex term that consists of many aspects and all of these aspects should be considered to get the expected result. Google is continuously updating its algorithm to make the search engine more advanced. Keeping up with all the changes will leave you exhausted so we have put together some of the main SEO Penang strategies that will help you in increasing organic traffic to your website.

Build Up your Backlinks

Backlinks are the basis of SEO strategy. You just can't be successful in your SEO strategy without having high-quality backlinks on your website. Wondering why backlinks are so important? Well, backlinks indicate authoritativeness and trustworthiness. When a reputable Website links back to your website this will indicate the authority of your website and boost your EAT factor. This also ensures Google that your website is reliable. Here is how you can improve your backing strategy.

- Guest posting - Uploading quality content on your website - Use social media to connect to people in your field

Optimize for Core Web Vitals

In 2022, Google has emphasized on optimization of core web vitals. Haven't heard of this term before? Well, good web vital is a new algorithm for ranking your website. It is a set of metrics that identify responsiveness, visual stability, that major your page speed.

- Largest Contentful Paint

It measures the page speed or the time it takes for your page to load. The ideal time is 2.5 seconds or less.

- First Input Delay

It measures page responsiveness and the ideal time is less than 100 ms.

- Cumulative Layout Shift

It measures visual stability and the ideal time is less than .1.

If you want to measure the core web vitals of your website then use can use updates tools of Google that provide details and insights. Take time to understand how these tools work and how you can improve your scores for better ranking.

Learn the EAT Principle

When you work on EAT principle you can achieve your expected outcome efficiently. Don't know about this principle? EAT – Expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. These are the factors that are used to determine the reputation of your website and Google will rank your website depending upon your EAT factor.

If you want to establish your brands' trustworthiness and reputation you need to work smart and follow some of the steps such as:

- Try to stay active on your social media and interact with your audience.

- Ask your customers to leave a positive review about your brand on various platforms such as Amazon, Google, etc.

- Gain backlinks from high-quality and reputed websites.

- Mention your EAT On your website for social proof.

Focus on Featured Snippets

Snippets provide quick and useful information to users due to which Google. So try to optimize your content so that it appears in the featured snippet.

Use Questions

Upload questions with users' intent in mind as it will help you in gaining more featured snippets. The words like Why, how, can lead to the most featured snippets.

Format Wisely

The snippet can be of various formats such as paragraph, list, video, and table. So always create your content by keeping in mind these formats.

Always follow formatting, avoid long paragraphs, Dang keep your information as precise as possible.

Support Multiple Long-Tail Keyword Phrases

When you use short-tail keywords it has a high rate of competition as compared to long-tail keyword phrases. That's why Google now emphasizes is on the use of keywords with three or more words. In a recent update, Google stated that it is now able to understand subtopics of specific keywords. For example, if you search 'Small space ideas' Google will show a wider range of results including 'cost-effective ideas', 'minimal furniture for small space'

The use of relevant long-tail keywords increases your chances of appearing in search engine top results for various queries.

Find your Competitors Best-Performing Pages

Always start by checking out your competitor's ranking pages, analyzing the traffic they receive, and the keywords they have used for ranking. You understand your competitor's optimization strategies, you will get an idea about where you need improvement.

Optimize for Image Search

Optimizing images for search is important as about 15-20% of web search is based on Google images. So, upload a high-quality and relevant image on your website so that the users will understand your content just by looking at the image. The image you upload should be compressed as it directly impacts your page speed. Note that if you upload a large image it will slow down your page speed, thus leading to an increase in bounce rate.

Also, make sure to upload image alt text with the relevant information and keywords. Don't overstuff keywords as it may seem spammy to Google and they might penalize your website.

Clean up Toxic Links

The toxic links hurt your SEO end Google map analyze your website for it so you must focus on getting rid of them. Start working on identifying the bad links as soon as possible because they will hinder the Google crawlers to reach the important pages.

Keep in mind that you can never get your website right in the presence of search toxic and useless links, no matter how hard you try.

Optimize for Google Passage Ranking

Google passage ranking is a new term that was introduced by Google in 2020. According to this, Google will select specific sections from a web page and display them in the search engine result pages. It is important because increases your chances of getting ranked.

For example, if you upload a blog post on your website about the best SEO strategies and include various strategies such as keyword research, backlinks, etc. Then the chances are that your page might get ranked for keywords other than SEO.

While working on Google's passage ranking your main focus should be to write clear sections within your content. The section that you include in your blog posts should be relevant to the main topic but they should also make sense if they stand alone. Make sure to stuff the blog post with keywords in headings and subheadings.

Optimize for People also Ask

Another effective strategy for increasing your brain awareness and organic traffic is by optimizing your blog posts for 'People also ask' When you answer the commonly asked questions in your blog then your webpage will appear in the top searches leading to increase traffic to your website.

Find the popular search queries related to your brand and answer them in your content by using longer-tail keywords. Try to keep your answer as short as possible as searchers want quick information. You can answer the query in infographics, images, and tables.

Beat Out the Competition with these Important SEO Techniques of 2022

Keeping up with Google's algorithm is important if you want to get the maximum benefit from SEO techniques. The foundation of an excellent SEO strategy should be to provide high-quality and informative content to the target audience.


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