Best Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Best Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Best Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Published On - 09/06/2021

As a business owner, the one thing that you want the most is website traffic! For reasons that it helps build and strengthen a brand's identity while bringing your products and services to sight, everyone loves the numbers peaking high. However, it isn't just all about creating a website and hoping that it would bag valuable traffic. There are certain steps and procedures that must be taken before the numbers go up.

In addition, website traffic enhances your site’s credibility, putting it under the good books of the Google search engine. Google loves those pages that are constantly being clicked and interacted upon; therefore, the better your website traffic is, the higher the chances of topping the search results. Moreover, website traffic is a determiner for your brand’s digital marketing; it indicates how far your online marketing pursuits will take you. The greater the number of clicks on your webpage URL, the higher the odds of converting leads into customers.

Also, website traffic leads to more profit and revenue gains than any other digital factor. It generates outcomes, rapidly recognized and cherished! For instance, a conventional TV ad may do less for your business than a modern digital marketing solution. For all these reasons, local and international brands - despite their scales and fields - tend to invest highly in ways to enhance their traffic.

Today, as digital evolutions have taken place, digital marketing solutions have also changed and improvised. What could have worked 3 or 4 years ago to increase your website traffic could very well be worthless today. Therefore, knowing the right techniques and solutions is imperative for all business management. This blog is a product of our years-long expertise and experience in the field as we help you understand the best ways to increase your site traffic.

All the SEO Techniques You Need To Be Using in 2021

Over the years, SEO techniques have constantly been rolled under changes and evolutions - just like any other technological field. Search engine optimization, in general, has expanded quite a bit. What essentially started with keyword research has been stretched into XML sitemap optimization, backlinking, and much more. Widely recognized as the best SEO company, here is our list of the SEO techniques you need to be using in 2021.

Look Into Your Competitors' Best Performing Pages

One of the things about SEO that no one will ever tell you are the significance of knowing your competitors' SEO strategy. Since it's the same battlefield for all global businesses, having little knowledge about others' solutions can do a great benefit in the long run.

Comparing your SEO strategies to others will help you hone your analytical skills. It will help you understand and comprehend the field better and know how the algorithms work. You can determine various factors that have benefited them and try to make alterations in your solutions to enhance the outcomes. However, one highly crucial thing is that you must compare businesses with the same model as yours to ensure that your goals and ambitions correlate.

The key to comparisons is the best-performing page! You can start with those web pages that generate the greatest leads for your competitors and delve with an analytical eye. With enough pondering and scrutiny, you will soon know the secret for their organic traffic. Things like keyword gap, keyword cannibalization, and link gap can be the determining factors.

Tweak your Content Using A Keyword Gap Analysis

When it comes to content, there are two things you can do; optimize existing content and write a new one. And well, we recommend that you do both!

While altering your existing content, you can play around and tweak keyword integration. You can run comprehensive keyword research, evaluating metrics such as keyword density and difficulty to make your content more SEO-friendly. This is the easier step of the two as it's much easier to look for improvements in existing work than creating new stuff from scratch.

However, once you have optimized your content well enough, it's time you focus on creating a new one. This is the difficult part! But, one way to make it more convenient is to do a bit of research and see what keywords have benefited your competitors that you haven't used. This will help you make significant changes to your website as you can dedicate individual parts to different keywords and make your efforts worthwhile.

When talking about SEO Malaysia is replete with SEO agencies that promise unrealistic and far-fetched goals. However, with Bthrust MY, you will be guaranteed to receive what's promised. Our experts and technicians are well versed with every single detail of the field and can help you achieve all your business goals.

Using Digital PR To Earn Authority Backlinks

Backlinking has long been one of the most influential SEO factors. It helps build a significant level of website traffic, helping you top your search results on Google. And sure enough, the key to earning backlinks is good content. Whenever someone says that content is the king, they mean it! It's for a reason that people like to provide hyperlinks for your content.

Writing content that appeals to the reader, hitches onto their interest, and captivates them is hugely important. While you must continue creating such content, you can also rely on digital PR for it!

You can write your content in a way that journalists and publishers, having the right audience and influence in the field, may want to provide links to your website. This is great because it ensures you are bagging the ideal leads, people genuinely interested in your products and services!

Moreover, digital PR is an investment that raises your brand's awareness. People who may have zero ideas that you ever existed may very well purchase stuff from you. Bthrust MY is an SEO specialist Malaysia has long loved and trusted for effective digital PR strategies.

Internal linking

While backlinking does wonders to bring in more leads and relevant traffic, internal linking does nothing less! Internal linking refers to the mere process of linking one web page to another within the same site. If some of your pages aren't performing particularly well, you can provide hyperlinks on pages that are. This will make all your web pages perform well, and you can bridge the gap.

Also, internal linking makes a user spend more of his time on your website. You can help your prospects and customers find their way along with the site and find relevant information. This only enhances the chances that they will purchase from you.

Website experience

Another crucial aspect often overlooked when it comes to website creation is the user experience you provide. Things like the speed at which a web page loads or its mobile-friendliness do more than you think.

Slow web pages can break the entire web experience for just about everyone! No one has the time to wait! Fast loading times ensure that your users don't have to wait for content to show up. This gives an impression that you care about the people who click on your page and value their feedback.

Moreover, since everyone uses mobile phones today, you need to make your website mobile-friendly. Everything from graphics to text must be optimized for the screen size, along with clickable buttons.

Become interactive on social media

Thanks to the popularity social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have garnered, it's no secret that many global brands rely on their social interaction to bag more sales. You can do the same!

With the perfect content and advertising strategy, you can explore new and vast opportunities to expand your customer base while also interacting with your existing customers. This will foster your identity as being customer-friendly, something which will do a massive amount of good in the long run.

Content variety

Monotony leads to a lack of interest! If your content strategy has remained the same for the past ten years, the chances are that you will soon observe a massive decline in your traffic. People always like to see experimentation; therefore, you need to mix your content. For instance, You can create a blend of blogs and how-to articles while integrating text and graphics to invent new strategies.

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