Finding And Repairing Faults In Your Website

Finding And Repairing Faults In Your Website

Finding And Repairing Faults In Your Website

Published On - 24/06/2020

It is highly frustrating to put everything you have on your website and still find that it is not performing that way you would like it to perform. You may have the most appealing design and exciting content and yet your website is not ranking well on the search results page. You find that visitors are abandoning the site halfway and don't return. Such things are possible if there are faults in your website. There are a hundred things that affect the ranking of your site and you must ensure that all these are up to the mark.

When the search engines are looking at all the aspects you cannot afford to have any of them malfunctioning. To find out what is not working properly you need to conduct an SEO audit. The SEO audit can find out which parameters are not functioning properly and help you correct the problems. An SEO audit can be performed manually or using the various tools available for it.

Know the technical issues of your website

An SEO audit helps the company providing you the SEO services in Malaysia to understand the technical problems with your website. Doing a technical SEO audit will help the search engines to crawl your site in a better way. Website speed is a very important parameter. It prevents the search engines from crawling all your pages and also frustrates the user who visits your site. In both ways, you could lose your website ranking on the search results page. An SEO audit tells the agency whether your website is slow and what factors are affecting the speed of the site. It will help them solve the problem.

Redirects are another factor that affects the speed of the website. They can cause the user experience to be slower. Having a bad site architecture could also make the user experience bad. You must ensure that your URLs are short but also descriptive. From the URL the user must be able to know what the page contains. Using your Robots.txt file correctly can help in improving crawlability. This means that the search engines can easily find out all the pages on your website. The SEO agency in Malaysia will analyze all these factors and correct them.

Optimizing your content on the site

This is part of the on-page optimization that your digital marketing services in Malaysia will be doing as part of their SEO work. They will check the length of meta titles and meta descriptions. Having these in the correct length is very important. Meta titles must be 35 and 70 characters whereas meta descriptions must be under 160 characters. Both these must include the keywords you are optimizing the website for. The meta description can also include call-to-action if it is relevant. Your headers must give a hint of what the page is about and the main header of H-1 must be optimized to contain the keywords.

It may be highly cliched to say that content is king, but that is the fact. The content is still the most important part of your website and has the maximum influence on SEO. It is an aspect that the search engines use for indexing and ranking your website. The content should contain the keywords but the importance is shifting to user intent from just keywords. The agency that provides SEO in Malaysia must have good content writers to make it most interesting for the user. The agency will also check whether the internal links are in place. These links help the user to navigate from one page to another and find what he or she wants.

Understanding what SEO is

Another important function of the SEO audit is to find out the quality of the backlinks that your website has. You may have earlier used an SEO company that built backlinks to your site. It is essential to find out their quality because that has a major influence on search results page ranking. The SEO company will find out what kind of backlinks you have. They will find out the number of backlinks that you have. The agency will also check whether any paid backlinks could affect the ranking of your website. The SEO service providers will also check the number of backlinks you have vis-à-vis your competition.

The main use of conducting an SEO audit is to help you formulate a content strategy that can help you get a better ranking by the search engines. Finding out the quality of different parameters will help the company to help correct the content on meta title and meta descriptions for better optimization to the keywords. It will also help them create content that can earn more quality backlinks.