Different Types Of SEO Used In 2021 (Updated)

Different Types Of SEO Used In 2021 (Updated)

Different Types Of SEO Used In 2021 (Updated)

Published On - 22/03/2021

SEO Malaysia (Search Engine Optimisation), or SEO in other words, is what lets you master the algorithm and get to the top ranking. From social media platforms to search engines, everything uses SEO to structure results and display what you see upon entering. In the digital world, we are living, no brand or company can survive without adequate SEO knowledge and implementation.

From what you have grasped so far, it may seem like a key to some treasure hidden deep somewhere! Well, it is precisely that! It is a procedure by which you increase the number of people visiting your site with the implementation of techniques such as keyword integration and structural changes to the technical aspects of the website.

It may sound straightforward, but it is indeed something marked with complexities and detail. It takes experts for a company to master its SEO in marketing and yield substantial results. However, the benefits are just too great! The more the number of visits you bag, the greater the prospect’s engagement with your product/service and the more outstretched the measure of your profit.

Its importance can be portrayed from the fact that multinational firms have a team dedicated to just taking care of their SEO, and numerous career opportunities have arisen thanks to it. With its essence, there have come a variety of techniques in which it is integrated. This blog will discuss precisely that!

White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is synonymous with respect and caution. This is because it entails all the techniques that are accepted by Google, therefore being legitimate. One of the most popular and favored practices, it guarantees a brand’s online security. Since you abide by all the laws and regulations, there are zero chances of getting banned or anything. This means you won’t have to face an instance when all of a sudden, your data, along with hard work, got wiped out!

Although it takes a ton of time to gain footings, the results produced are within every right to be considered Huge. Its implementation means that you have conceived of online authenticity and therefore indicate your brand’s goodwill down the road. White Hat SEO, being generic and original, requires you to instill great effort; however that must also be done the right way.

Having zero ideas of what you’re doing will only waste your time and lead you nowhere. Therefore someone with proper knowledge and skill must do it to secure your chances of receiving the substantial output.

A company like BT Thrust can take down your SEO with supreme understanding and excellence. With experts having dedicated their lives to the job, we know how your brand can take the top rank and earn genuine recognition. Besides, we understand the complexity of the rules and regulations and let those be our foundations to ensure that there are zero risks involved.

Black Hat SEO

If you consider White Hat SEO as the protagonist, Black Hat SEO will promptly take its position as the antagonist. The two are complete opposites! Black Hat entails not having to abide by the Google rules and regulations while exploiting the algorithm. This is performed by taking advantage of the loop-holes, like a predator, and causing the simple and complex algorithms to be in your favor.

It may involve paid link building, keyword stuffing, and tricking the bots into yielding results that you don’t deserve. All of these practices are strictly against the search engine’s Do’s, meaning you are going with illegal means that can land you in great trouble.

For example, your entire website can be put down and its ranking destroyed. While it may extract results in a short time, it is bagged with huge detriment constantly looming over you. Therefore it is always advised to ignore it and opt for the right way.

With BT Thrust’s services in SEO Malaysia has seen a revamp in digital marketing. Serving a spectrum of brands, online and local, we have everything it takes to bring your company into global recognition without illegal practices. With zero-risk offerings in SEO Malaysia is witness to our supreme digital marketing handling.

Grey Hat SEO

Grey Hat SEO is the median between White and Black Hat SEO. Like an intermediate, it is neither bad nor good. Although it utilizes questionable means, it isn’t necessarily banned by Google.

In some cases, it can lead to remarkable and groundbreaking results, while in others to no avail. However, despite everything, they are still considered marked with slight risk; therefore, it is recommended to let an expert handle it.

Some of the techniques included in Grey Hat include clickbait articles, paid reviews, spun content, and link exchanges. Several digital marketing companies use these to help brands grow; however, they tend to reduce the cost for their solutions to compensate for the risk adhered with it. In many cases, Grey Hat SEO has negatively impacted businesses, leading them downhill.

Negative SEO

Negative SEO is a catalyst in the tussle between businesses. It is a widely used practice to hurt competitors by degrading their reach and visibility and using it for personal gain. It entails grey and black hat SEO techniques, including:

  • Posting negative and degraded reviews
  • Hacking the entire website and negatively modifying the content

Many businesses become prey to this! They work years to establish recognition, and then their competitor begins to put them down! When identifying if you’ve been targeted with such a technique, you should look into your site’s analytics and determine any dramatic spike/drop in the results.

Or else, you can hire Bt Thrust, a reliable and experienced SEO Company that will run deep and comprehensive tests to identify any loophole and get it fixed with their years-long comprehension.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO refers to all the changes and modifications you make on your website to optimize it for ranking. It's legal and one of the most acclaimed ways that guarantee results without risk-studded approaches.

One of the many On-page SEO practices is the use of keywords. Keywords are the specific words that people search the most when looking for something on a search engine. Google algorithms work to look for keyword usage on your site and then present the most optimal results.

To get the most out of it, you must use relevant keywords (ones people search for). This ensures that you don’t waste your efforts on the wrong path. Keywords are mostly integrated into URL, meta descriptions, headings, and page titles. Moreover, value-added content can also include keywords for maximum output.

Besides, optimizing URL is another way to implement On-page SEO. A custom URL makes it easy for prospects to have your site in mind.

BT Thrust excels in extensive keyword research and its usage. With its incredible resources, it can yield results that matter without your input. Your brand can gain recognition and become a constant sight for millions online if you choose us for the job.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO includes practices that do not happen directly on your site but in the background. However, the sole purpose remains the same to bring greater visibility and leads. One of the most common SEO practices is leaving links to your site on various social media platforms where your desired audience can interact with your product/service.

Besides, backlinking and reviews are the two other crucial Off-page SEO practices that can lead to more significant traffic and leads to your site.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO includes the things that are being taken care of behind the scenes. It means optimizing the technical aspects of your site to maximize the potential of its rank. The number one thing that invades the mind is Page Speed.

Page Speed is something that can go a long way into evaluating user experience. If the site is too slow, the user isn’t going to wait or try it the next time. Similarly, if it’s not optimized for a mobile screen, it’s going to ward off a valuable prospect.

In a digital world with extra care on online customer experience, BT Thrust is an SEO Agency Malaysia can trust and show its confidence upon.

Local SEO

Local SEO encapsulates practices that are tailored to bring prospects to your local business. It can be done by adding your business name, address, phone number along with a business schema on your website. You can also do it by having a presence on Yelp, Yahoo, or Foursquare.

Mobile SEO

Since most Google searches are made on phones, optimizing your site for mobile is essential. It includes considerations like mobile-friendliness, ease of use, and page speed. At the end of the day, things constitute providing an excellent experience.

E-Commerce SEO

E-commerce SEO refers to ranking optimisation for an e-commerce store. Since it is more complex than even optimizing a blog, you can let BT Thrust do it for you by creating sections, category pages, and optimizing visual elements. All these practices are in line with offering SEO Services Malaysia deserves to get!