Using Google Search Console as a Keyword Ranking Tool

Using Google Search Console as a Keyword Ranking Tool

Using Google Search Console as a Keyword Ranking Tool

Published On - 24/07/2023

Search engine optimization (SEO) relies heavily on keywords since they affect how quickly consumers may find your website when they're looking for the kind of information or service you provide. To assess the success of your website and to optimize your content for organic traffic, you must be aware of where it appears in search engine results for particular keywords.

Among the various tools available in the market, Google Search Console is a very efficient and mostly used keyword ranking tool. In this article, we will explore how you can effectively use GSC as a keyword ranking tool to enhance your SEO efforts.

With the assistance of Google Search Console, website owners, and webmasters can track and improve the visibility of their sites in Google Search results. It gives insightful information on how Google indexes, crawls, and ranks your website. The ability to provide keyword ranking data is one of several capabilities that GSC provides to assist you in increasing the exposure of your website.

Accessing Keyword Ranking Data in GSC:

To access keyword ranking data in Google Search Console, you need to have a Google account and verify ownership of the website you want to monitor. Once your website is verified, follow these steps to find keyword ranking information:

  • Log in to your Google Search Console account.
  • Select your website from the dashboard.
  • In the left-hand menu, click on "Performance.”

Analyzing Keyword Ranking Data:

The Performance section of Google Search Console provides valuable insights about the performance of your website in Google Search. Here's how you can analyze keyword ranking data:

  • Click on the "Performance" tab in GSC. Here, you can see a graph showing the total number of clicks and impressions your website receives over time.
  • Scroll down to the "Queries" section to view those keywords that are driving heavy traffic to your website. You can click on every keyword to see its performance metrics, such as total clicks, impressions, click-through rate (CTR), and average position.

With the help of GSC performance reports and keywords Data, Here's how you can leverage GSC to improve your website’s SEO and drive more organic traffic:

Identify high-performing keywords:

The Performance report in GSC offers an in-depth analysis of the search performance of your website. It contains information on clicks, impressions, click-through rate (CTR), and average rank for particular keywords. You can find the keywords bringing in the most visitors to your website by examining this data, and you can also see how their ranking evolves. Focus on optimizing your content further for these keywords to maintain and improve their rankings.

Discover new keyword opportunities:

The Queries report in GSC provides a list of keywords that users searched for when your website appeared in the search results. Find keywords with plenty of impressions but few clicks. This suggests that although your website shows in search results for these terms, it is not getting any clicks. To improve click-through rates, improve the relevance and appeal of your meta titles and descriptions.

Average Position of keywords:

Monitor the average position of the keywords you want to rank for. Where your website normally appears in search results for a specific term is indicated by the average position measure in the Performance report.

Better visibility would be indicated by a higher average position. If you observe a drop, your website's content may need to be improved. To restore or raise your keyword ranks, update your material with current information. It is possible to evaluate the success of your SEO efforts and spot areas for development by keeping an eye on variations in average position.

Track long-tail keywords:

The long-tail keywords that bring people to your website are shown in Google Search Console. These longer, more specific keyword phrases usually have lower levels of competition and could be effective for focusing on specialized audiences. You may find possibilities to develop tailored content and bring in highly relevant traffic to your website by monitoring the performance of long-tail keywords in GSC.

URL Inspection Tool:

You may see how individual pages of your website are crawled and indexed by Google using the URL Inspection feature in GSC. You can check the keywords connected to a page by entering its URL and seeing if Google has indexed it and viewing any indexing problems or not. You can utilise this information to better estimate the potential visibility and ranking of specific pages.

Analyze landing pages:

GSC also provides insights into the landing pages that receive the most clicks and impressions. By analyzing the keywords associated with these pages, you can gain insights into the keywords that are driving the most visitors. you can optimize other pages further to enhance their visibility and conversion rates.

Advantages of Using GSC as a Keyword Ranking Tool

  1. Cost-effective: Since GSC is a Google-provided free service, website owners looking forward to tracking their keyword ranks without spending a lot of money on third-party solutions have an affordable choice.
  2. Accurate and Reliable: The information provided by GSC is extremely accurate and dependable because it is directly linked to Google's search engine. You can bank on the ranking data you get from GSC to decide on your SEO approach with confidence.
  3. Actionable Insights: With the help of GSC, you can gain insightful information about the performance of your website, find keywords that require optimisation, monitor the success of your SEO campaigns, and explore new ideas for ranking growth.
  4. Integration with Other Google Services: GSC interacts perfectly with other Google technologies, such as Google Analytics, making it simpler to compile extensive data and evaluate the overall performance of your website.


With the help of Google Search Console, you can boost your website's SEO efforts by getting useful keyword ranking information. You can monitor keyword ranks, optimise your content to increase visibility and organic traffic, and acquire insightful knowledge on the search performance of your website by utilising its features and reports.

Including GSC in your keyword ranking strategy can give you useful information to improve the search visibility of your website, regardless of your level of SEO expertise. You may improve your website's visibility in Google Search and increase organic traffic by putting smart optimisations into place based on this information.