Google Updates Search Console Video Indexing Report

Google Updates Search Console Video Indexing Report

Google Updates Search Console Video Indexing Report

Published On - 08/07/2023

Businesses must remain updated with Google's most recent improvements in the dynamic field of search engine optimization (SEO). Google has updated its Search Console Video Indexing Report in an ongoing attempt to enhance user experience and offer greater insights to website owners and SEO specialists.


With the help of the new tools, website owners will be able to better understand how videos are indexed by Google and optimize their video content to appear more prominently in search results. We will examine the main advantages and features of the revised Search Console Video Indexing Report in this web article.


A strong tool that offers insightful data on how well a website performs in Google search results is Google Search Console. The Search Console's Video Indexing Report is introduced with the express purpose of assisting website owners in monitoring and improving the performance of their videos in Google searches.


Website owners and SEO specialists must have their websites verified in Google Search Console to use Google Search Console updates. Once validated, they may access the "Videos" option in the left-hand menu of the Search Console interface. From there, users can look over the different sections of the Video Indexing Report and take advantage of the insights and suggestions offered. The recent Google search console update is focused on:

  • Enhanced Video Reporting

Google's Search Console Video Indexing Report now provides additional in-depth analysis and reporting options. Website owners and SEO experts may receive comprehensive information on how Google ranks its video content. This contains information about the number of videos indexed, indexing errors, and how well-indexed videos perform in search results. By resolving these issues, content creators can improve the chances of their videos reaching a wider audience.

  • Indexing Status

Website owners may now view the indexing progress of their videos in real-time. They can use this function to find any indexing problems that would make it impossible for their videos to show up in search results. Website owners may now receive comprehensive information about any issues Google has with indexing video content. This enables them to quickly identify and address the problems, ensuring that their movies are appropriately indexed.

  • Rich Results

A separate area for rich results is now present in the Video Indexing Report. Thumbnails, runtime, and other relevant details are shown for the videos that have rich snippets in the search results. Owners of websites may utilize this to understand how viewers are viewing their movies.

  • Sitemap filter


To assist website owners and content producers in concentrating on the video pages that are most crucial to them, Google has added this new element to the Video Indexing Report.

  • Performance Metrics

Now, website owners may monitor their videos' key performance indicators (KPIs), including clicks, impressions, average positions, and click-through rates (CTR). They can measure the success of their video content in generating organic traffic using these measures.

Benefits of search console updates

  • Improved Indexing and Visibility

Webmasters may use the report's data on the particular pages that contain videos to spot any indexing problems and fix them. They can now monitor and improve their video content for improved indexing and exposure in search results with the revised Video Indexing Report.

  • Enhanced Performance Analysis

Website owners may assess how their videos are affecting organic traffic. They may learn a lot about how well their plan for creating video content is working by monitoring metrics like clicks, impressions, average position, and CTR.

  • Optimization Opportunities

The Video Indexing Report lists indexing problems and suggests ways to improve them. To increase the likelihood that their video will show up in search results, website owners can resolve problems like missing information or improper video markup.

  • Increased Audience Engagement

Increased audience engagement might result from optimizing video material following the data shown in the video indexing report. Videos have a higher chance of receiving clicks, views, and interactions from viewers who are actively looking for similar material when they are displayed prominently in search results. This enhanced visibility can ultimately result in higher engagement metrics and a broader audience reach.


Website owners and SEO specialists may improve the indexing and exposure of their video content with the help of Google's enhanced search console updates and video indexing report, which includes insightful analysis and reporting tools.


Webmasters can boost their video search engine optimization (SEO) strategies by being able to keep monitoring for indexing issues, track video performance, and get helpful guidance from detailed data.


The improved capabilities of the Video Indexing Report can help website owners make their videos more visible in search results, which will eventually increase traffic and interaction on their sites.


By utilizing the power of Google's Search Console updates and Video Indexing Report, SEO experts have the opportunity to stay ahead in the continuously evolving digital world by following up with these changes and utilizing them effectively.