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    Lead the online space, improve your visibility, and drive business growth by making the best out of Facebook ad platform.

    Target Your Ideal Audience In The Right Manner

    We’ll make sure that your advertisements pop up on the timeline of your ideal audience, so they can be interested in getting what you have to offer.

    Entice CustomersWith Compelling Facebook Ads

    Incorporate the right elements in your advertisements, so your customers can have an unforgettable experience when they interact with your brand.

    Optimise & Analyse Your Existing Advertisements

    With A/B Testing, we’ll determine what needs to be tweaked to improve your Facebook advertising campaign and enhance its overall performance.

    Outsmart Your Competition With Impactful Facebook Marketing

    From scheduling daily posts to managing page engagement, we can add nitro to your marketing campaign and convert FB users into recurring customers.

    Interacting With The Right Audience For Facebook Ad

    Regardless of how engaging and motivating your content is, you can’t make it impactful if it is not accessible to your right audience. At BThrust, we use targeting features available on Facebook to ensure the people who’ll view your advertisements will also want to buy your products and services. In this way, you can trust our Facebook marketing skills to reach and engage with prospective customers.

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    Precise & Action-focused Advertising Strategy

    With an aim to leverage lucrative results, the expert team at BThrust makes use of data to fuel result-driven advertising strategies. For this, we focus on the overarching goals and aims of your business, so your ads can accurately reflect your potential to the target audience. Be it lad generation or product ads, we can help you create an innovative Facebook marketing campaign.

    Facebook Remarketing to make a BIG impact

    There is a substantial chance (more than 70% actually) for an individual to purchase your services or products if they have already visited your site or interacted with the advertisement. This is why we target anyone who has recently visited your website, track user activity on the site, and focus on re-engaging the prospective customers. In this way, you can leave your marketing campaign on BThrust to harness business growth.


    Based in Malaysia, BThrust is a committed Facebook Advertising Agency that works with a unique and innovative approach. By combining your audience’s preferences and your business goals, we help even the smallest businesses make a powerful bang on the world’s most famous social media site.

    Why Do You Need Facebook Marketing?

    Imagine presenting your products and services to over 2 billion active users. Facebook is vast, and it is still growing, which provides excellent opportunities for businesses to reach their target audience. Features like Facebook Pixel are great for e-commerce businesses. On the other hand, it is an excellent way of enhancing brand awareness using content such as images and videos.

    Why Should You Trust BThrust?

    With a dedicated team of experts, BThrust works with clients from all industries and sectors in establishing an influential digital presence. We harness the brand’s passion, pay attention to its goals, and focus on the target audience to create marketing strategies that can become the talk of the town.

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