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    A successful email marketing is all that you need if you want to amp up your existing marketing campaign. With our support, you can inform, excite, persuade, and even surprise prospective customers effectively.

    Emails that match the persona of the target audience

    We take time in understanding the needs and preferences of your customers, so we can use the right tone and way of communicating your most important messages.

    Functional, simple & eye-catching Email Templates

    By getting rid of the chunk and keeping what’s important, we build screen-based email designs for your customers to love and enjoy what they read in the email.

    Bespoke email marketing services for unique brands

    Regardless of how enormous or new your business is, you can trust BThrust to tailor the experience of your customers and provide personalised marketing services.

    Pumping Business Of Today & Tomorrow With Email Marketing

    As a leading email marketing agency in Malaysia, we employ only the best strategies to support companies in harnessing their success.

    Dynamic Content & Personalised Templates

    With so many emails being tossed around every day, it requires efforts to catch the attention of customers. This is why we take your business ahead of the curve by employing engaging email templates and content, so your customers will love to read your email over and over again. And all the templates we use are responsive by design, which makes them workable on any device.

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    A/B Testing To Identify Marketing Loopholes

    Reporting and analysis ensure that whatever we do has the ability to generate maximum results possible. Accordingly, we use A/B Testing, so our system can try various email templates, content types, and subject lines. As we put them to the test and identify the results, we are able to find the right strategies for anchoring your email marketing with success and growth.

    Social Sharing To Build Rapport

    Where online users love to share whatever they find interesting, we create content that they will love others to read as well. In doing so, we integrate emails with social sharing features, so your subscribers can easily share the email across platforms like Twitter on Facebook. Our efficient analytics are even better, as they highlight the number of people who have shared your emails, together with what they have said about it.

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    Too busy to write your emails? Don’t want to use the same old email templates just like every other business out there? By leaving your marketing campaign on the experts, you can promote your brand in a cost-effective and timely manner. After all, gone are the days when massive chunks of information were exciting and readable.

    Why Do You Need Email Marketing?

    Email marketing is an imperative tool for brands that mainly want to associate their names with loyalty and trust. As the marketing space is becoming more complex, it’s vital that the right content reaches your audience without a hitch. With crisp and engaging emails, you can send out important information to your customers and keep growing your subscribers’ list.

    Why Should You Trust BThrust?

    As experts in Lead generation, BThrust is known for transforming engaging ideas into high-performing email marketing campaigns. We focus on the brand’s value propositions, together with the preferences of the targeted subscribers. In this way, we optimise the email funnel of companies, maximise conversations, and increase engagement.

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