7 Best Domain Registrars of 2023 in Malaysia

7 Best Domain Registrars of 2023 in Malaysia

7 Best Domain Registrars of 2023 in Malaysia

Published On - 26/08/2023
Securing a domain name is equivalent to putting your claim on the huge virtual real estate in the thriving digital ecosystem of 2023. For Malaysian businesses, riding on this digital wave, the best domain registrars can make all the difference. When there are so many choices, how do you pick the best one? Do not be alarmed; we have listed the top seven domain registrars that have attracted interest in Malaysia this year.

Understanding Domain Registrars:

A popular domain registrar is essentially your entrance into the online world. It allows you to build out your own niche on the internet and is where your online identity begins. By choosing the best registrar, Malaysian businesses may increase their internet presence and make sure they are heard, seen, and linked.

A Comprehensive List of Some Best Domain Registrars in Malaysia

1. ServerFreak:

Overview: A local gem, ServerFreak stands out with its dedication to Malaysian businesses, you can say it is Malaysia's own digital wizard

Why Choose Them?

Established and rooted in the heart of Malaysia, they understand the intricacies of the Malaysian digital climate. ServerFreak offers an array of features tailored for local enterprises. With competitive pricing, their all-rounded packages are hard to beat. Their user-friendly interface and dedicated customer support for local businesses make them a top choice. Website: https://www.web-hosting.net.my Call: +603-2780 3873 or +603-3371 2564 or +603-3371 2745

2. IPServerOne:

Overview: IPServerOne has carved its niche by blending affordability with top-notch service.

Distinct Feature:

IPServerOne, another Malaysian favorite, merges cost-effective solutions with dependable service. Offering robust domain registration services along with a myriad of hosting solutions, they're equipped for both fledgling start-ups and established corporations. Their responsiveness to customer queries, coupled with adaptable packages, positions them as a reliable choice. Many local enterprises appreciate their flexible packages and quick support response. Website: https://www.ipserverone.com Call: +603 – 2026 1688 Email: cs@ipserverone.com

3. Asia Registry:

Overview: As its name suggests, Asia Registry has a robust presence across Asia, it’s like Asia's domain powerhouse

Unique Selling Points

Asia Registry, with its vast footprint in the Asian domain market, offers features resonating with the unique needs of the Malaysian digital landscape. They offer a gateway to a broader Asian audience for businesses looking beyond Malaysia. Their seamless registration process, paired with a suite of tools for domain management, makes them a preferred choice for businesses eager to establish a Pan-Asian presence. Website: https://www.asiaregistry.com Call: +65 31584004 Email: support@asiaregistry.com


Overview: MYNIC is what you need if you're looking for a genuine Malaysian digital signature.

Why Them?

They are a guardian of Malaysia's digital identity in addition to being a domain registrar. Specializing in ".my" domain extensions, they offer businesses an authentic Malaysian identity. Their transparent pricing and commitment to fostering Malaysia's digital evolution have cemented their reputation as the go-to registrar for local businesses. Website: https://mynic.my Call: +603 8008 2000

5. Marcaria:

Overview: Marcaria, with its vast global operations, brings international domain expertise right to Malaysia's doorstep

What Sets Them Apart?

With a global presence and 17 years of experience, Marcaria brings a wealth of international expertise tailored to the Malaysian market. Their diverse range of services caters to both local and international needs. For businesses aiming for a global footprint without losing the local touch, Marcaria strikes the perfect balance. Website: https://www.marcaria.com Call: +44-1333-400038

6. Shopify:

Overview: Renowned for its e-commerce platform, Shopify shines in the domain arena but it is much more than just E-commerce.


While Shopify is globally recognized for its e-commerce solutions, its domain registration services are equally commendable. Particularly for Malaysian online retailers, Shopify's domain offerings ensure that your digital store stands out and remains memorable. The added advantage? A seamless integration with their e-commerce platform. Website: https://www.shopify.com

7. GoDaddy:

Overview: GoDaddy, a global juggernaut, has fine-tuned its offerings for the Malaysian market, it’s like a global giant with a local heart.

Standout Features

GoDaddy's mammoth global reputation is well-deserved. But what sets them apart in Malaysia? Their dedicated offerings are tailored to the Malaysian market. Their domain transfer process is remarkably easy, and their 24/7 customer support ensures that businesses, big or small, receive stellar service. It can be trusted as one of the best domain registrars of 2023. Website: https://www.godaddy.com Call: 040-67607600 Also check: Google's Guide on How Your Domain Impacts SEO and Credibility

Decoding Malaysia's Top Domain Extensions

  1. .my domain:
    • Tailored for Malaysians wanting a unique digital identity.
    • Preferred by those seeking a personal touch to their online presence.
  2. .com.my domain:
    • Highlights the commercial nature of businesses.
    • Easier to obtain than the standard ".com", signifying both trade nature and Malaysian roots.
  3. .net.my domain:
    • Ideal for businesses involved in networking or multi-level marketing.
    • Emphasizes both local and global reach.
  4. .org.my domain:
    • Suited for non-profits, charities, private associations, and NGOs.
    • Offers a clear identification of purpose and operations.
  5. .edu.my domain:
    • Exclusively for educational institutions and academies.
    • Proof of educational operation might be essential.
  6. .gov.my domain:
    • Reserved for Malaysian government bodies.
    • Implies trust, exclusivity, and authenticity.
  7. .mil.my domain:
    • Exclusively for the Malaysian military.
    • Ensures distinction and national pride.

Tips for Malaysian Businesses During Domain Registration:

You can consult with an SEO company for a better understanding of the domain registration process. Beginning your journey in the digital world could seem difficult, but with the appropriate knowledge, it can be simple:
  • Reflection: A domain name should reflect your brand. It needs to be brief, suitable, and catchy.
  • Local vs. Global: Select ".my" or similar extensions to highlight your Malaysian background. Or choose ".com" for a wider audience.
  • Stay Alert: A lot of people immediately buy up popular domain names. Go quickly!
  • Budget Wisely: While the relevance of the domain name is crucial, consider your budget as well. Keep your watch out because some registrars give discounts.
  • Safety First: Make sure your registrant has the appropriate security tools to safeguard your online identity.
Remember, your domain name is more than just an address; it's the beginning of your online store. And with the right domain registrar, it can be a best-seller! Choosing the best domain registrar for small businesses or businesses of any size could be a game changer in this digital world.