Understanding SEO and Its Impact on Business


Understanding SEO and Its Impact on Business

There are not many established businessmen who may not know what SEO is and how it can impact their business. However, there still seem to be many in the small and medium business community who seem to doubt the need for SEO in their business. SEO is as effective for small businesses as it is for big corporations. Local businesses also benefit from SEO. Any business or even other websites will benefit from SEO because the purpose of a website is for people to visit and know what you are trying to convey through the site.

What Is SEO?

There has been much written about SEO but as the subject seems to attract a lot of people even today let us start from the basics. SEO stands for search engine optimization. The term and what it stands for doesn't have to do with business alone. This applies to all websites and blogs on the internet. When you write a blog, you want the maximum number of people to see your blog. This process is all about making your site come on top of the search results page when someone searches with keywords related to your blog.

While there are other paid methods to bring your site to the top of the search results page, SEO is the unpaid method for it. This will make people see your blog and reach the page. This is what it does to businesses too. When someone searches for a product, there may be many companies making the product. But you want people to buy from you. SEO makes sure that your site URL appears first on the results page.

Search and Search Results

Almost everyone around the world and that includes Malaysia, are searching for their needs on the internet. When anyone searches there are three entities. There is a person who is searching for the product. There is a search engine which is 90% of the times Google. Then there is your business which makes the product. The person who is searching for the product uses certain keywords to search the product. When they use them Google will lead them to the search results page. This is where your website link will appear.

Since there are a lot of similar companies other than yours that make the same products everyone cannot share the first page. This is why you have seen that the results go on for many pages. But it is found that 90% of the people who search don't go beyond the first page. Out of that most of them don't look lower than the top ten results. If you want the person to buy your product you must be at the top of the page. This is what a good SEO consultant in Malaysia will do for your website which will directly improve your business.

How does the search work? When you input the keywords, the search engine will search billions of pieces of content on the web. It will use thousands of factors to match your input to the available contents. It will then select the matching contents. This is done by a process called crawling. It will then catalog the results which it got and that process is called indexing. Finally, after finding which results are matching the most to the words that you used for searching, it will rank the results. This is shown in the search engine results page or SERP.

You must have now understood that the work of an SEO company is to find out ways to match your website in the best way to the keywords that are used to search for the product. It is in this ranking that your website must score the best marks so that your website link can show at the top of the page.

What Are Organic Results

Organic results are those which appear on the page without your having to pay anything to the search engines. These are the ones that appear on top because of SEO. There are also advertised results on the SERP. You can see them clearly as advertised. Search engines like Google survive on advertisements. They want people to come to the SERP to get the best result and stay there for longer because that will get them more advertisements. This is why they keep refining the methods of ranking to get the best results for searches.

Why you need organic results is because they are more long-term and they are more genuine because people trust such results more than advertised results. This is the reason why companies spend a lot of money on SEO. There are other organic results also which appear because of SEO, like suggesting related products when searching for one product.

Why Does Your Business Need SEO?

As we mentioned, you must appear first on the page for more people to know about your website. Once they visit the website, there is more chance of them purchasing the products from you. Even local businesses need SEO. Even if they are not going to get the service online, people still search for stuff on the internet. Someone may search for "car workshops near me". He won't get the car repaired at home.

The car workshop needs to get SEO of his website done by the best SEO company in Malaysia because there are many workshops and the particular workshop website link must appear on top for them to get the business. Google uses location also to list the links and so it will link workshops in the area. The one that has done SEO will appear at the top of the results.

Another thing about SEO for small businesses is that this is the cheapest way to reach the maximum number of people. It is cheaper than advertisements in the long run. It is directly targeting the person who is already in need of the product. Advertisements will target everyone and you don't know how many need your product. Here the right audience is targeted and so conversion to a sale is much more possible.